Hyper Quick Video Series : Kick+Bass Density Automation

Hyper Quick Video Series - Fast and easy tips, for a cleaner track.

First Post on my new " video blog " ( don't worry, will still post articles too )

Today's Tip: Volume Automation ( Kick Drum)

Why use this ?  To help the low end of the kick, play nice with the low end of the bass synth. 

Common Problems this may address

- Boomy Bottom end 

- Lack of Groove

- Lack of clarity in the bass and sub range

Notes about video

* The initial hit of the drum ( smack/ top end) is muted, so you can hear the bottom better. You DO NOT want to do this on your track. Also, the drum sounds like shit without those hits, you've been warned

*You can also use this same volume automation on tracks that don't have bass synths, it can help clean up and make your big room drums " pump".

*I made this video in my studio, I have yet to test it without a sub, therefor, I am not 100% sure how helpful it will be for you guys that don't have monitors/sub and or high end headphones that can hear this range well.

Posted on October 29, 2014 .