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Ready to hear your track professionally mastered ?

To Grab your Free Mastering Sample please follow these simple steps below. I will have your sample back to you in 24 hours. At that time, if you love it you can buy the entire track for $25 USD paid via paypal. 


1.  Make sure your file is ready for mastering, this includes NO COMPRESSOR OR LIMITER on the master channel. 

2.  Render your FULL track as a 24 bit .wav file. Please leave around -5db of headroom. 

3.   Once you click the " upload now " button, you will be taken to wetransfer. Simply click the   " Add File " button to upload your tune.  Make sure to include ANY info you want me to know. Please write this in the " Enter Track Info Here" Section. After all of this click transfer  . 

4. If you have any additional questions my FAQ is here  

5. If you need anything else, please email me at nyonyxx@live.com I am always happy to answer any questions.

Looking forward to working on your tune !

* NOTE : PLEASE Enter your first and last name in the " enter track info here section " along with any other info I need. I get sent a ton of tracks daily, it helps me keep organized. Thanks 

with love,