My Name Is Nyonyxx
I live to make artists dreams come true.

What does that even mean?

- My goal with this site is simple, take your music and your career to the next level. This site isn't about me, I work behind the scenes helping people like YOU.

- So what can you find on

- Ton's of top rated articles on music production ( Sound Design/ Mixing/ Mastering/ Textures/ Spacing, Advanced Concepts rarely talked about IE Do you know why you MUST USE Mid- Side Processing to get Huge lead sounds?

-Hundreds of " how to make that sound" videos on youtube, along with free presets and midi's for ALL of them. I was one of the first to start this style of video circa 2011

-Along with EDM Music Production Help, I am one of the ONLY sites that talks openly about how the music industry REALLY WORKS.

-Ever wonder why labels NEVER take your track ? ( Hint, it may NOT be your music skill level)

-Ever wonder why NO ONE listens to your tunes? Most likely you don't have a marketing plan in place ( without marketing, your fucked, Millions of Tracks are upload to Sound Cloud WEEKLY. Trying to cut through that noise is impossible without a step by step plan of attack. This site will show you how.

-So after you get you marketing on lock and your music to a top level your going to need one more thing, motivation. This is the often forgotten never talked about aspect of music EVERYONE NEEDS.

-If I am so blunt, do you know how fucking insanely hard it is to grow a brand in the current market, millions of dreamers and lots of failed dreams.As my music journey continues, I've worked with 1,000's of producers that all have the same day to day struggles. The " Labels won't take me -" no one listens to my tracks" -Along with the " My parents/ GF think it is a waste of time"- " people hate on everything I make"- " This will never work "- " I can't learn this skill set, it's impossible ! "

-The List goes on and on my friends. If you have these issues, you're not alone, myself and the 30,000 + Fans and Followers of this site are here to support you !

So by this point you are asking, who the fuck IS NYONYXX?

I'm not going to name drop a list of stuff to "look cool", I don't give a flying fuck about fame or props. What I care about are results. A bit about what I have done / how I work

Music Production Stuff : 

- I ghost produce EDM tracks for top artists ( actually, I tend to ghost produce, for a ghost producer, funny how that works) 

- I work in the pop world ( not under this name) making catchy/lean productions for vocalists. Often times artists I work with LIVE off of their music, if the music doesn't sell, they don't eat. I focus on taking their main vision ( top melody) and turning it into a full production that SPREADS Organically. 

- My favorite things however are MIXING AND MASTERING. I prefer to mix/ master/ sound design the song compared to "making the music" , which is largely what I spend my time doing. In other words, I prefer the ART of the mix, compared to the art of the melody. ( I consider sound design mixing as well)

- I have Mastered 2,500 + tracks (EDM) through this site, you can find more info on my mastering service HERE.

- I also love mixing music, there is nothing I love more then taking a muddy, hissy, messy track and making it SHINE.

I truly, 100% think mixing is a beautiful art form and without a KILLER, tasteful mix , the main message of your track will never be heard. ( Not to mention labels don't take bad mixes, or even "ok mixes", the main labels want FLAWLESS).

I no longer  "advertise" full mixes on this site because I have a ton of mix clients, HOWEVER, if you are SERIOUS about getting a full mix, contact me here. ( Please only inquire if you are serious and ready to take your track to it's highest level. When you send over a message please include

1. The Number of Stem ( Track files)

2. Plans for the track ( what sound your ideally going for)

Myself or a Team Nyonyxx member will get back with you ASAP with more details.

- Lastly in the music realm, I have made presets ( and sold to the big preset companies), I have designed sounds for film projects and have my OWN, custom "EASY to Mix Presets" there is nothing else like them on the web, check them out here.

Music Marketing Stuff :

- Long before I even made music, I marketed music. Yes, I am THAT guy, the guy that people hate. Many people consider me the "bad guy" because I am the one that pushes new music forward (artificially) .

- Labels would hire me to market their artist, to grow their online fan base and sell more units (songs) . I did this for many years, working one on one with the artist and label getting awesome results.

Although I no longer play this game, in the early days, a LOT of people in my field (myself included) would do some "dirty" marketing tricks. People don't play fairly in the music industry, you can buy your way onto the big labels, you can buy your way up the charts, you can buy a festival slot on the main stage if you have the cash. Serious, modern artists will buy a song from a Ghost Producer , then buy their way onto a label and land some nice gigs ( that they payed to play). On the outside it seems that " great music makes it" when its all about , brand, connections and cash flow on the inside. 

- I still LOVE music marketing( esp when I am working with beautiful music that NEEDS to be heard by the world), however I rarely "directly work" on marketing anymore for clients. 

- My entire "method" about how I grew these names is in the book EDM INC:  Social Media Hacks for Limitless Fans.  

- The Book is the #1 EDM Music Marketing Book, and the ONLY ONE that talks about how to go from point A to point Z. An actual method to build up YOUR name, not just a bunch of theory and Bullshit.

 Check out the book here.

( Listen, this sounds like a fucking huge plug and sales pitch, I get it, but I have gotten 1,000's of " omg thank you emails" from this book, if your LOOKING for this kind of information I truly KNOW this book will help grow your brand. ) However, there is a TON of FREE content on this site to get you started as well. 

* If you are looking for more direct action on my part ( aka I do the work on the marketing FOR YOU) I am happy to talk to you about it. However, please note that marketing plans ( that myself and my team work on, start in the thousands ) The Only reason I bring this is up I get a lot of emails from people thinking I will "market" their music for like 50 bucks, this isn't the case.

The main reason I created the Book, was so EVERYONE even with no "marketing budget" could simply learn what to do. Yes it will take time, but if you don't want to drop tens of thousands a year ( like many pro's do) then it's def your best option.

Now, a small warning about music marketing.

Music Marketing is a " dirty word" most people hate it, sell out, faker, blah blah blah.

The results are so good, that people can view it as cheating ( srs, I utterly don't get it)

Anyways, I just want to tell you, from the bottom of my heart, there is WAY WAY WAY too much music on the web today, Millions of tracks uploaded every week... MILLIONS. 

Yes, a lot of it is " less then perfect" but there is TON'S of great music as well. I'd say on average I get sent 5-10 "Beatport top 10" quality tracks weekly. Tracks that if ANY of the pro's put out, you'd assume it was there's. 

If you do not

1. Build a REAL BRAND

2. Have a marketing plan of attack

3. Spend AS MUCH TIME GROWING YOUR BRAND as working on tunes...

Your're most likely fucked.

This sounds mean, this is why I am called " the bad guy" and guys on forums debate if " marketing is needed".

I have seen so many great artists fail, I've ghost produced songs that had no marketing plan and failed. They would straight up sell no tracks.

Have you ever gotten on a "small label", assuming you'd sell a few hundred tracks? What usually happens? Less then 10, sometimes 1 copy to " check"  because...I mean you sold NO tracks, it MUST be broken right? People upload via small labels to Beatport ALL the time and sell no tracks. There is a myth that just getting on Beatport means you will sell tracks. 

In modern times, artists " upload a track and prey", they assume someone will magically find them, or that someone will be like " OMGZ your amazing, join my huge label".

This simply doesn't happen, it doesn't work this way. Point Blank Period.

If you leave my site, never to return, just take this simple message with you.

There is a lot of will YOU cut through the noise ?

Music Motivation Stuff :

- A popular question, why the motivation stuff Nyonyxx? Two reasons, I love to write it and this industry ( and my website) can be VERY depressing without it. If you read my marketing stuff, your most likely going to go FML, this is impossible I give up. The motivation content is to make sure YOU NEVER GIVE UP.

-Producers will go through a LOT of bullshit. I go through a LOT of bullshit. 

* I'd say at least once a week someone sends me a uber personal, life story on why they LOVE EDM PRODUCTION. Often times these emails end in, VERY depressing  " I am giving up" " I can never make it" " all my friends laugh at me for my music" " no one cares" etc etc.

I get so many of these emails, that I started to feel like I HAD to try to help these people to hit their goals in life. The motivation content is for THESE people. ( Hell it's for me at times as well, I'm not a fucking robot...sadly)

If you've been through the ringer, if life is fucking you over and your music isn't moving forward, I am truly here to help you, as I have been there myself many times.

If you ever need to vent, or just need someone to talk to, feel free to shoot me a message HERE

Please note, I will ALWAYS read every email, but I can't respond to everyone. I will do my best but I get a ton of email. Thanks

Awesome, I truly hope this site can help you on your music journey !

If you ever need anything please let me know

PS : If you are a new Music Producer, check out my Exclusive Free Producers Guide.

It will jump start your music and career while giving you all the "inside secrets" of the music industry ( again it's 100% free, No Bullshit)

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keep killin it !