Getting "Lucky" is overrated. Learn to Love the Process

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On day one - You have no production skills.

On day one - You have no fan base.


You have hope, you think "yes I can make it!"

Over the years, your production skills will go up if you put in the time.

Over the years your fan base will go up if you know how to market yourself properly.

However, you must realize this, its going to be a long road, a LOT longer than you believe.

In the news, daily you see

" 23 Year old sells software company for 10 million"

"A musician sells out a 50,000 person arena"

You think, wow they are so lucky !

Why can't I be lucky, this isn't fair.

What the media doesn't show you is how the 23 year old started his company at age 15 and works 80 hours a week.

What the media doesn't show you is how the musician went 5 years with no record label and 150 fans on Facebook while living in his parents basement and driving a 1992 Honda Civic.

The media shows the glory, you read about the glory, you rarely hear about the process.

The media tends to show you the events, the final end goals. They show you whats possible but leave out the most important part, how to get there.

The media can't show this because its boring. Imagine the media story

" Dude wakes up every single day and goes to a job he hates. When he gets home, he instantly starts to work on his craft, his music production.He does this for 5 hours a night.  He had to give up most of his free time,along with loosing his girl friend. His parents say he's wasting his time and most of his friends laugh at him for " trying" . Not only that, when he does post music on line people end up hating on it... "

That's the story you never hear...

Just say the guy did this every day for 10 years, while he also was marketing himself properly. 

After ten years, top 10 on Beatport. Boom

Wow, guy sounds "lucky right"

Most luck has a process behind it. A hustle, a grind the backstory

10,000 hours of trail, error and learning prior to a "making it"

However, you only ever hear about the end success. 

This can cause a giant mindfuck for a lot of people.


The longer you produce music and try to make it in this industry, the harder and harder it seems to get. When you start out you think,

"I will be famous in a year or two".

Once you get "ok" at producing, you REALLY think you are going to make it. I've heard this happen to many producers over the years.

It's almost like when you start your music career you are unaware of the challenging road ahead, over the years the road turns into a mountain. 

Sadly, most people don't want to climb the mountain and will give up.

Picture it this way. You are working your ass off for two years, you reach the top of " the peak" only to realize it was but a tiny small hill, the real mountain lays in front of you.

I feel this is where a lot of producers get stuck and loose hope. 

This brings us back to the start, your " yes I can make it !" turns into, " fuck this shit I'll never make it "

I feel most producers end up quitting AFTER they get good at production. They see how long the road truly is. 

I am hear to tell you bluntly,

Fuck That Shit.

Don't let your emotions get in the way of your dreams. If your dream is to tour the world, if your dream is to be number one, if your dream is to make 10 million a year then you GO FOR IT.

Push as hard as you can, work as hard as you can and just keep running. 

Remember though, how ever long you think this process will take, its going to take longer.

Not only that but don't give into the media hype of " that person got lucky"

Waiting for luck will kill you.

Here are 5 concepts that would helped me on day 1 of my PRODUCTION journey  


1. Long Road -

The path of producing music is going to take a LONG time to learn. You can't jump ahead and magically get great mix downs. It's going to take years for your ears to develop and learn to hear various aspects of the mix. There aren't any "hidden tricks", all the info you need is currently on the internet, but your best teacher is training your ears which only you can do. 

2. Put in the time -

You 100% get what you put in. If you put 20 hours a week in, or 20 hours a month. The end result will largely be the same. However one path may take 5 years another may take 25 years. Look at your life and your goals, if you really want to work in music for a living you will need to hammer in the hours.  Training your ears daily, will be the fastest path to growth.

3. Don't listen to the Naysayers/Haters-

People are going to tell you your wasting your time. People are going to tell you that it can't be done. People are going to hate on you no matter what you do. Don't worry about the opinions of others if you believe in what your doing. It truly isn't worth your time.

4. Fans are Everything-

You need to put in a ton of time to market your music. Your music isn't going to magically spread it self around the web. Posting your tracks and hoping for the best isn't a option. It doesn't work. You need to put a system in place TODAY to start gaining fans. It can be done, if you know how to play the game.

5. Embrace the Fail -

Your going to fail a lot as a music producer. Your latest song will get 4 views. Your emails will be largely ignored by all labels. You will have your DAW crash randomly. Project files will magically stop working the list goes on and on. Legit, you are going to fail a ton. I fail more than anyone I know. Just keep going though. Make sure you fail smarter each and every time. If its not working, figure out a way to make it work. It can be done. 


The goal of this post was simple. Give someone out there hope. If you love music production but want to quit because its to hard. Don't. 

If your mix downs aren't great and you want to give up. Don't

If no one is listening to your work and you want to stop producing. Don't

Remember the process is going to be hard. It's going to take forever and its going to seem impossible. Just keep working smart and make sure your not waiting on " luck".

Take direct action every single day and watch the magic happen.

Whatever you do though, don't sit back and hope for the best. Make a plan of action and stick to it. Work a certain amount of hours on learning, work a certain amount of hours marketing. Learn everything you can about the industry.

Once armed with this knowledge, it isn't a matter of luck but a matter of time.

I truly wish time to be on your side.


Posted on January 30, 2015 and filed under Music Motivation, Music Marketing.