A quick FYI before you send me over a message :

1.  Mixing is a long process compared to the Mastering Service I offer. I always like to chat with the producers ahead of time, to make sure our goals line up. If I don't think I can make your track shine and sound beautiful I won't take on the project.

2. Mixing prices can vary based on the amount of track files ( stem files ) and if vocals need processed. Please shoot me a message for details.

3. I will not work on project files directly. I will only mix from stem/track files. Sorry about this. 

4. Unlike mastering, I can not offer free samples of mixdowns. This is simply due to the volume of clients I have.

5. Sadly, the only form of project files I can offer are FLP's ( FL Studio) . I can still do mixes of anything, just can't offer other project files at this time. 

Ready to hear more information and get your track and personalized lesson? 

As I am sure you know, mixing is a rather long and complicated process. Answering these questions helps me be more efficient with emails and thus allows me more time for working on your track. Thanks for providing detailed information.



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If you don't want to fill out the above form, just shoot me an email at nyonyxx@live.com