Welcome to Hyper Mode Instant Mastering 

" Software Like Speed - Real Engineer Results"

What is Hyper Mode Mastering?

Hyper Mode Mastering is the same mastering service you know and love from Nyonyxx !

Hyper mode is simply FAST. 

Real fast, 2 hours or less for a sample.

Your Track is started on INSTANTLY

Here's How it Works

- Check to see if a Team Nyonyxx Agent is Online( Bottom Right of Screen)

- If Offline, sadly, you will need to use the Traditional Mastering page

-If Online Simply Message to chat with a live agent . Nyonyxx, Amy or the Lovely Clara will be happy to help you !

( If you came directly from a link or google, read here about our mastering services)


Do You Still Offer a Free Sample?

Yes ! You still get to hear a sample of YOUR TUNE prior to payment,this way you can be 100% sure your stoked with it.

What is Hyper Mode ?

Hyper Mode is simply the normal mastering service, instantly started. 2 Hours or Less.

Does it cost more then your normal service?

No, both services are $25 usd PLUS you get a free sample to hear prior to payment. 

How do I know your online?

Check the bottom right of your screen, look for Hyper Mode Mastering- Online or "chat" via phones and tablets. If online, you can simply say hi and someone will take care of you live! If currently offline, the live chat will be disabled " Chat- Offline" though you can still leave a message or send an email, nyonyxx@live.com. (Of course, you can still use normal mastering here).

When will you be online?

I have no set times at this time. Sorry for this !

Am I talking to a real person?

Yes ! Either a team Nyonyxx Agent ( Amy / Clara) or Nyonyxx Directly


What are you waiting for ! Hit us up with any questions !

Or Drop a track via Traditional Means HERE

Chat with you soon!