When I was starting out in music production and the EDM industry, I thought it was fairly simple...

- Make Some Tunes

- Work Hard

- Make Awesome Tunes

-Send them to Labels. BAM.Done?

Legit, I thought that good music was rare and that this was all that was needed.

Sadly, this is far from the truth...

Ask anyone that's been in the industry 10+ years and you will hear a different story, the story of how the EDM industry REALLY WORKS.

This FREE GUIDE is to help new (and veteran) producers start off on the right track. 

Here is what you will find in this FREE 30 Page Guide for EDM Producers.

- Dealing with the reality, "no one can find you"

- Pro Level Music takes YEARS, there is NO way around this ( but a few tips to speed it up)

- Will a Label "Make You"?

- The Truth about the remix contest ( GREAT for HOSTS, for you...not so much)

- The EDM Scene ( and the haters that will crop up during your journey)

- Is mix quality EVERYTHING in EDM ? 

-  Will DJ's and Labels Touch " weak" soft volume tracks ?

- Does DJ Skill = Gigs? ( not a chance in hell)

- The Dirty Truth on Pro Music Marketing

- Are you fucked? Can you overcome and crush it? ( If you make a plan of attack, you shall own it !) 

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