Mastering FAQ

What do I need to send you ?

- I need a 24 bit WAV file, of your final mix down

-Please leave around -5db of head room ( more is fine ) 

- Please, remove any compressors or limiters from the MASTER channel

How should I send you the file ?

-  Honestly, use whatever you'd like, I prefer wetransfer , free, up to 2 gigs

- You can send directly to

Do you really give me a " Free Sample " ?

- Yes, I always send a " sample " of the mastered track, no up front payment is needed. If you don't like it, you don't pay. 

Why are your prices so low?

- When I started to master tracks, I had no idea my " price was low" it seemed fair to me . It wasn't until later everyone told me the prices they've paid before. I stand by my work and keep my prices low to allow anyone to get a track mastered.

Do you allow " adjustments " on the masters ?

Yes, I am always happy to adjust anything you'd like, my goal is for your 100% satisfaction and to be stoked on the final track.

What genres have you mastered ?

- At this point, pretty much everything. I've mastered over 500 tracks in the last year alone and personally listen to almost all genres of dance and club music and know how it " should sound ".


How fast is your turn around ?

-24 hours Monday-Friday ,I do go out of town some weekends for various projects so weekends are typically 48 hour return times.

How do I pay you ? 

- For now, I am taking PayPal only via . In the future, if there is demand I may add additional ways to pay. If Paypal doesn't work for you, contact me as I am flexible .


Do you have any examples ?

Yes ! Please Click Here. If you need more examples, just send me over an email at 


Ready to grab your free sample, and get your track to the next level?


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