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Free Song Mastering Sample. 24 Hour Return Time

Beatport Ready/ DJ Ready/ Label Ready

Our Mastering service can give your track a better chance to be heard, properly, by the right people. 

Ultra Sonic Clarity

Your track will be carefully listened to, looking for any sonic imperfections. Levels will be set to ideal standards of that genre. 

True Love For Music 

As a true music fan, I promise to treat your track with the respect it deserves. 

Lowest Price/ Fastest Turn Around 

2 hour return time when in Hyper Mode! 36 hour return time when Hyper Mode is offline. $25 USD per track, Buy 3 get one Free. Always a free sample prior to payment! We strive for a fast music mastering service.

Ready to upload and grab a sample

Here's what some producers have been saying

Djing sets with my own tracks has been almost embarrassing at times because of how out of place my tracks sounded alongside professional work, and now they just gel together. Thank you so much!!!
— -Marshall Westall
Ive had a few tracks mastered by a couple different people and yours is by far my favorite
— - Rob Sieckhaus
just downloaded it! wow man ur incredible that is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait to put this out ! thank u thank u thank u thank u so much!
— -James Macpherson

Producers All face these common problems

- Track is Weak in the club

-Track doesn't hit right on ALL devices

-Track Sounds Muddy, for unknown Reasons

- No Bass, Too Much Bass, But still no " power " 

-Lack of Monitors/ Sub/ Studio

- Using low end audio card or playback devices

You Don't Have to Deal with these problems though.

Click the Audio Examples Page below to hear for yourself what our EDM Music Mastering Services can do for you !



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So are you ready to get a free mastering sample of your track, sent back to you?

2 Hour Return Time when Hyper Mode is Online ( Click here to see if Hyper Mode is Available/ Learn More

If Hyper Mode is offline, the normal process is still fast ! 24-36 Hours.

Click Upload or simply fill in the info below ! Feel free to ask questions or directly email me at nyonyxx@live.com

Looking forward to working on your tune! See you on the inside.

with love,


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