Getting Better Mixes Starts with Using Better Presets
Whats Wrong With Most Presets?

- They've Been Used in 1,000's of songs. Heard by labels over and over

- They aren't designed with mixing in mind

- Unless you know the synth inside and out, they can be hard to mold to your mix

-They aren't unique sounds, artists today NEED unique sounds to stand out. Another boring vibrato square or supersaw won't cut it

With these Challenges in mind, I set out to create a better preset. 

Something that was easier to mix than other presets. 

More importantly, I set out to create presets that wouldn't be over played.


Easy Mix Massive Presets- Vol.1 ( Limited Edition)

Control- Macro Controls (8) desgined to MOLD the preset in your mix

Power -Full Range Sounds, Includes Density Control-Fatness Control and more

Unique- -No Weak Sounds,Less Layers needed for clean mixes

Custom- -Limited Number of Packs sold. Don't worry about labels "already hearing" the sounds.

So, what are "Easy Mix / Limited Edition" Presets?

I was working with a client recently, designing sounds for her new album. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

- I wish everyone could have access to "unique/custom presets"

-Presets should help with MIX control. Sound design is a HUGE factor when it comes to having a great mix, why not make presets to help you mix BETTER.

I set out to create these presets to not only be unique and limited edition,but also easy to control inside of your mix.

Let me start with the unique and limited aspect of this pack.

If your like most artists, you want your tracks on a label. Not just any label, ideally you want to be on the best labels you can. Here's the problem...those labels get sent 100's of tracks a day( Yes, for real). Usually, they have the SAME preset sounds in them. You can see where I am going with this...

Look how this chain works.

1. Your new to producing, ALL massive presets (stock) sound new to you. So you use them for awhile.

2. You Google search for preset packs, you will find the " big brands" that sell presets, they have sold hundreds of thousands of these packs to producers all over the world.

3. You grab free presets off of Youtube, while this is great, just like the above they are used A LOT. My collection of free presets has over 250,000 downloads.

So, where am I going with this?

When your new or have been producing for a few years, ALL PRESETS sound new to you. While this is great, the fact is the labels have heard the SAME SOUNDS for the last 5 years( or longer). It's to the point where people that run these labels don't want to hear another track with " BA Aggressive Wobble 1" or "SY Trash Lead". They have heard these same sounds over and over again. When your putting your track against 1000's of others for a chance to get signed, you DO NOT want to use the same sounds as everyone else. You could have a great mix and master, but if your using the same There's a reason why you never hear "stock" presets on Beatport, labels don't like to sign those tracks. 

The problem is, when your new to sound design you don't realize how much these presets are played out.

So what can you do? 

Learn Sound Design

Grab Unique Presets

While learning sound design is amazing(and I hope you take the time to learn it), if you want results TODAY your best course of action is to get new unique presets, not only unique to you but unique to EVERYONE.

This is why the concept of " Limited Access " presets was born.

It may seem crazy, it may seem odd...but these presets will ONLY be offered in a limited number. Once they are sold out they are GONE. This is simply to limit the amount of producers that have the pack.

Yes, this is going to "hurt" long term sales, but I'm not here for that. I am here to make CUSTOM presets at a bulk preset price.

Why am I doing this?

Simple, I want to improve the level of peoples tracks across the board( easy to mix presets) while also limiting the number of people that own the pack. In the end when a label hears your track I want to make sure this isn't the 10th time they've heard that same lead sound.

Cool, so other than being a limited number of packs available. How are these different than any other presets?

Other than being limited edition, these presets are 100% designed with MIXING and UNIQUENESS in mind.

If your aware of NI's Massive, than you know it has "macro controls" on the bottom of the synth. You can use these to route to any features of massive you want. While some presets do this, I have made ALL of these macros control one of two goals.

1. Better mix via sound design changes

2. Unique sounds, crazy lfo's, pitches, ADSR's and more.

This is the beauty of the macro controls, with a simple twist of a knob you will get RADICALLY different sounds along with mixing properties of that preset.

Let's Go Over the 8 Ways these Presets Help Your Mix

Control 1

-Stereo (Wide). Each preset in this pack has a width control. This allows you to push your sound to the center of the mix or to the stereo fields. No more hunting for the wideness you crave. This macro not only uses width tools, but EQ illusions to gain width. 

Control 2

-Density (Low End Bulk). Each Preset has a Density/ low end control. Even if you don't need a full bass, this setting allows the low end to slowly come into play. Track Sounding weak? Crank this for power.This doesn't just add bass, it uses various settings within the synth to make the low end shine.

Control 3

-Bright (Makes the top end shine) . Typically, brightness can be a simple adjustment, but with this control a number of parameters on the synth adjust. From new filters coming into play, to the routing of various EQ and tube elements,this brightness control is simple but effective. 

Control 4.

-Lead (Makes the preset stand out) . Lead control is one of my favorite macro's of the 8. This setting though different on every preset will make the sound pop out of the mix. Massive ADSR changes can dramatically alter the sound with this setting, completely changing the preset along the way.

Control 5

-Fat (Kill the hollowness of your track). A huge problem producers face while mixing is getting hollow sounds. Sadly a lot of presets are hollow sounding out of the box, while these presets come already fat, this fatness knob will make them HUGE.

Control 6

-Wub (Changes the groove/bounce/LFO of the sound) . Most preset packs have the same bounce and groove. BORING. This setting allows any sound to "wub" or wobble. Not only bass sounds, but leads, hooks and anything in between.

Control 7

- Tone (Slide/Pitching) . This may be the setting most producers are looking for but can't find. Have over lapping notes you want to slide? Look here. Want to make the notes pitch glide back and forth? This is your ticket. 

Control 8

-Unique (Totally crazy sounds) . My favorite control of the bunch, and the only one that isn't mix related. This setting takes each preset to another level. In fact, most of the sounds this knob outputs aren't used in modern EDM. If your looking for that "wow" factor, this is your ticket.

Use the 8 Macro's to control your sound and craft the perfect mix.


Listen to what some artists had to say about this pack.

Most presets I use are weak and thin sounding. Not these! These are srs full spectrum presets,they take up the entire farking mix. I have NO IDEA how to use massive, but with the 8 controls I don’t need to....thx bro
— Icey k
I own 1,000’s of presets, these are the best desinged EDM presets . Period. Unique is an understatment, these make mixing and layering hella easier
— Rippity Rop
If your new to sound design these are a MUST. If you just want killer sounds, these rock dat too
— Jay John

Want to hear the sounds your getting?

Here is a one note demo of the sounds...what I mean is I play the same notes over and over again. Most preset packs hide their true sounds in a fancy melody and a bunch of layers. This demo is simply one note being played with the presets adjusting and automating over time.

This way you 100% know the TRUE sounds you are getting, no extra sounds, no layers no bullshit.

Listen to the one note demo here, to see what a single layer of each preset can do. There is no outside processing, what you hear is what you get

( Yes , the 2 intro FX are included) 

Awesome, now remember each preset was played SOLO, no layers. When you start to layer them up ( and tweak the 8 macro's )to mold to your mix you can get some truly sweet unique sounds. 

Ready to Grab the presets and take your tracks to a new level?

Cool, so I know what your saying. "Since he is only going to sell a limited number (150 packs), he is going to charge a ton for them".

Nope, that's not my style. My goal is to TRULY help you the artist, get custom, unique, easy to use presets at a normal preset price.

If you pick them up today, you can get volume 1 for the limited time price of $27.00 usd. 

Yes, this is less than most companies charge for normal preset packs (That aren't designed to be easy to mix and that EVERYONE USES). For reference, my free packs have 250,000 downloads. That means 250k producers are using the SAME SOUNDS(and sending them to labels). 

This pack will be limited to 150 (which compared to 250k, is nothing) after 150 packs are sold that's it. Volume 1 is over and these presets will never be on this site again. You have my word on that.

 As a thank you, for a limited time I will include the following bonuses automatically with all purchases.  

And lastly, to make this as NO RISK as possible…

I’m offering a bulletproof 60 Day Refund Policy…

If for whatever reason you aren't stoked on the presets, I will send you a full refund within 60 days.

Yes, I am the only person on planet earth to offer a refund for PRESETS.

I fully stand behind the presets and want to see you take your mix to another level. Not only that, I want labels to LISTEN to your track and not just hit next because they've heard that sound (or one just like it) 5 times already that day.

I'll see you on the inside

Lot's of people want great mixes, few take the proper actions required to get there. If your ready to improve your mixes and up your sound design...

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After Payment, your Presets and Bonuses will instantly be Downloaded.
*You MUST have NI's MASSIVE in order to use the presets. This Download is for presets ONLY and does not include the synth it self. The presets without the software DO NOT WORK .You will need massive 1.1.5 or newer. Yes, these still work with the "old" massive .ksd files. The Pack includes .ksd files, which can easily be converted to .nmsv files.This way EVERYONE can use these presets, not just .nmsv users. Directions on how to use/ install will be included with the file download.